My Cancer diary. 9-16-96

I went to see the Ear Nose and Throat Doctor today.He confirmed that I have cancer. He called it a squamish mass.An ugly name for an ugly disease. I won't know the treatmentuntil I see the oncologist in the next day or 2.

My feelings? Relief, perhaps, At least the waiting is over.I now know for sure what I have. The ENT Doctor soundedvery positive about it. So Sue and I are feeling very hopeful.I am mainly eager to get started in treatment. I am, howevernervous about seeing the oncologist, about what he might say.

until next time



I should have updated this yesterday, but I wasphysically and emotionally exhausted.

I saw the oncologist Wednesday at noon and shelaid out the treatment. I will get chemotherapyat 3-4 intervals starting friday, I will startradiation treatment next week, I will know moretomorrow after I check in.

When I lose 5 pounds I will have a feeding tubeput in so I can keep my strength up. This is because the radiation will be aimed at the backof my throat and as the doctor said "give youthe worst sunburn of your life in the back ofyour throat". Sounds painful. I will not havesurgery, except as either a last resort or toremove whatever is left of the lump in my neck. This cancer used to be treated with surgery,which involved splitting the jaw in half, verypainful sounding. I am very grateful that I don'thave to go through that.

The oncologist estimates that treatment will lastabout 6 months, and a cure is the goal. I feelbetter now than I have since this began.

I have had the extremely good fortune of haveingvery supportive family, and at a time like thisit really means alot!

 emotionally I am feeling very up today, though a time or 2 I felt like crying. I am ready andeager to get going on treatment, and get this licked.

Until this weekend,



I have not been up to adding anything to thissince the last time. I went into the hospitalFriday at noon and shortly afterward they started me on fluids and Chemotherapy. 5FU to begin with. Then later they switched to sysplantinum.that took about an hour and then back to 5FU.The sysplantinum is the wicked stuff. It had meready to throw up as soon as it hit my bloodstream.

 They gave me an injection of something that helpedand then I became quite emotional, so they gave mesomething else. That evened me out and I felt aboutnormal again. I was released about 1:00 PM Saturdaywith what is called a heat pump. It is an IV thatfeeds continuously into my veins while I am at home. This almost immediately made me nauseous again, Istarted taking pills for that, it helped but I stillthrew up several times over the weekend. the nurses had trouble feeding the proper tube into my veins sothey went to a standard IV connection, and I had to go into the hospital everyday to get my Chemo changed.Finally today, they removed everything, and that in itself makes me feel better.

 I was able to keep some oatmeal down on Tuesday, andthen on Wednesday I had some Jello for breakfast.For lunch the best tasting chicken noodle soup Iever had. then at dinner I had a little bit of casserole. I hope to do even better today. I canfeel my strength coming back slowly, but it's hardto get over my queasy stomach.

I have not been able to work during this, but I hopeto be back next week.

 Emotionally, I am holding up quite well, although at the moment I am not looking forward to anotherbout of this.