Cancer Diary Page 5

 Nov 19, 1996
It's been 2 weeks since I last updated this. I have been going through radiation every day, except for holidays and today. We had a snow storm last night and today that dumped about 9" of snow on us. When I called the radiation therapist today I said " This is Dick Craven", and the receptionist said "Don't even bother". So I didn't. I won't go in tomorrow either. I will have to make up the sessions I missed at the end so it looks like I will go for 8 weeks at least. The position I am in to get the radiation has caused a pinched nerve in my neck which made my arms hurt a lot. So much that I spent the night in the hospital on Thursday Nov. 7. And I have only been able to sleep on my back, for 2 hours at a time. Then my arms hurt so much that I have to get up and take some tylenol and sit for an hour or 2. then I can sleep a little more. Physically I can tell that the radiation is taking it's toll. My mouth is tender, I have less saliva, the skin around my neck and cheeks is slightly burned, it feels quite warm to the touch. Also I feel a bit worn down, and food is starting to taste bad. Actually, I have not gotten over the effects of the last chemo, and now my taste buds are going out. It is very difficult to find something that I can drink. Sugars taste bitter, I am not supposed to have caffeine, and dairy products taste bad, and very thick. emotionally I am doing quite well. Only occaisionally do I get depressed. And then only for a few minutes. That's all for now.