Diary Page Cancer 8


It's been 2 months since I added to my diary, and I think it's about time I said something. I last saw my oncologist at the end of January and she OK'd me to go back to work on the 29th of January. I have been working full time ever since, and it was very tiring at first, but is getting easier as time goes by. I also volunteer from 1 to 1 and 1/2 hours a day at Crossroads Community Center. By the end of the day I am very tired and by the end of the week I am ready for a nice long nap.

I have been to see my Doctors a couple of times since the end of my treatment and there is no sign of cancer! And that continues to be really great news!

My taste buds are starting to come back, but I don't think my saliva glands are. I was told that they probably never will, but I hold out hope. My appetite is improving, and I am slowly gaining weight. But I still weigh under 140. For me that is really light.

I have been in very good spirits since I finished treatment no surprise there. I am quite thankful that I have apparently beat the disease. Time will tell of course.

I will write more at a later date, as I see more doctors for more checkups. Til then,