I am almost 100% sure that I have it. I had abiopsy thursday, 9- 12-96, and I will get theresults on Monday. The doctor is quite sure that Ihave it and is prepared to discuss treatment with me.

I first went to a Doctor on Aug 22 for a throatinfection and earache. I went back on the 28 dueto a mass in the back of my throat and was immediatelysent to a specialist. He had me go in for an MRIand then the biopsy.

My wife and I are experiencing a wide range ofemotions, described by my regular doctor as Grief. These emotions include, so far, sadness,anger, guilt, and most of all fear. Occaisionallydenial. I can be very light hearted one minute andthe next be in tears. Very strange, especially sinceI usually am even tempered and ready to kid around. Pain: I am in mild pain most of the time, controlledwith 2 tylenol every 4 hours, although at night I find I take a Pain pill before bed.

I am going to attempt to record my feelings as Igo through this very scary and trying phase of mylife.

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