Diary Page Cancer 7

Last Tuesday, 1-15-97, was my last radiation treatment. The crew at the radiation clinic gave me a certificate of graduation. And did it ever feel good. I go back in to the radiation clinic for a check up and to set up a time for a cat scan in 2 weeks. I will see my oncologist and Ear, Nose and Throat Doctors next week. I think I am all cured, but time will tell of course. My last check up showed no sign of any abnormality.
I lost another 2 or three pounds in the last week, however since I quit treatment I have started to eat more and I am gaining weight now. When the whole thing started in August I weighed 155lbs and Tuesday I was down to 133. My normal weight is 145, so I would like to put on about 10-12 pounds.
I am hoping to be back at work in about 3 weeks, but of course that is up to the doctors. However, my main care giver thinks it is a great idea. I get tired fairly easy but am feeling better everyday.
I am on an emotional high, I just hope it doesn't end too soon.
It has been a long and tough battle. There were times when I just felt like I wanted it all to end. Day after day of nausea, a sore and dry mouth, unable to eat and feeling very weak just seemed like it was too much too take at times. I would tell myself to hang in for a few days more and it would all be over. I remember once looking at the pump with my chemo and feeling nauseaous I just wanted to yank it out and quit. But I managed to hang in and finish. If I could keep going back for more treatments I think that just about anybody could do it. But I sure have a much greater understanding of what people are going through. And I wish to offer all my support to those of you who are going through it, or about to start. The lingering side effects of my radiation are starting to go away. My dry and leathery skin is starting to peel off and should be gone in another couple of weeks. My taste buds should be back in 3 months and some of my saliva may return then. Although most people who get radiaton treatments where I did usually never get them back.
I will update this page when I get the results back from the cat scan.