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I have cancer, and the following links detail my battle with it, Perhaps these pages will give people just diagnosed with it or if you have never had it you may see what we are going through.

I just found out some more information. The radiation doctor origanlly gave me less than a 50% chance of surviving when he first saw the mri scans and nowI have about a 75% chance of survival. These are historical numbers, that is numbers drawn from looking at large groups of cancer patients, not at the individual.

Early detectiion is critical to the cure or remission of cancer. I didnot go in as soon as I began to feel something wrong. I instead waited becuuse I thought I had a bad nasal and throat infection. I am very lucky,however as my tumors responded quite well to treatment. They have seemingly complety disappeared.

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Kim's Cancer Links And Other Fun Stuff
Cancer News On The Web
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Institute
National Instute of Health
American Cancer Society

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Here is another good site, different look from Yahoo,and a different search database.


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Kook's of the World

Here are some links related to evolution:
The Talk.Origins Archive
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Here is my favorite Search Engine: AltaVista.

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