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On to my older Pages:
I had cancer, I just recently finished treatment and I had quite a tough time of it. I have used my page as a diary of my battle with it. I installed a new home page with links to all my old pages below. If you are interested or perhaps have just been diagnosed or know someone who has it, these pages will give you an idea of what I went through.
Pictures of my cats.
On to the other pages.
The First Home Page
The First Diary Page
The Second Diary Page
The Third Diary Page
The Fourth Diary Page
The Fifth Diary Page
The Sixth Diary Page
The Seventh Diary Page
The Eighth Diary Page
Recovery and other Stuff
About Eating
My Award
Java Quote
I am leaving all my cancer related links here as they still seem important to me, and to the many people who have emailed me about this page.
Cancer News On The Web
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Institute
National Instute of Health
American Cancer Society

Favorite Links

Here are my some interesting and fun links that I have come across in my years of cruising the net.
A good place to start.
Another good place, and a better and faster search engine along with usenet archives.
Here are some links related to evolution:
The Talk.Origins Archive
Origins of Humankind
University of Ediacara
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